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Updated 2003-08-06

PORTFOLIO: Corporate & Broadcast Video Production Stills

Video Lighting Director:


Student Film, Directed by "Tajiri"

Location: Pine Manor College

Video Field Production Assistant:


Saab Scania and Cramer Productions, Boston

Location: Talladega Raceway, Alabama

Studio Set Design and Construction:

Pro-Fax, 1988

Giant Walk-through Computer

Apollo Computer

Extra Cast:

"Blown Away"

Location: Fenway Park


I got this snapshot during a break in filming... couldn't believe they let this little blond girl sit at the camera. She must be the Director's daughter or something, huh?

Studio Set Design, Prop Dressing & Production Coordination:

Pro-Fax, 1988

1940s Detective's Office

McCormack and Dodge

Studio Set Design, Prop Dressing & Construction:

Pro-Fax, 1988

1960s Style Office

1980s Style Office

McCormack and Dodge

Television Production Internship


WQLN-TV (PBS of Northwest Pennsylvania)

- Lighting

- Remote ENG/ EFP Production Assistant

- Analog Editing

- Live Broadcast Directing and Switching

- Camera

- Studio Production Assistant

(Yes, that's a "Quad" VTR!)

Studio Film Production Assistant


Eastern Utilities "Control Room"

Helicopter Field Production Video Assistant:

Open Eyes Video "Rails to Trails" documentary.

Location: Somerville and Cambridge

Puppeteer Video Assistant


"Gomper" Puppets program by Creatures at Large

Location: Newton-Wellesley Hospital


Puppeteers from Sesame Street and movies such as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Video Production Assistant:


Cambridge Television / WCVB

"A Matter of Principle" after school special, starring Loretta Switt (M*A*S*H)

Location: Roxbury, MA

Studio Set Construction:

Pro-Fax, 1988

"Donahue" Talk Show

Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Tape Duplication Technician


Studio Effects Technician

Pro-Fax, 1988

In-Studio Volunteer for the WGBH Auction

1988 through 2002

"Bid Runner" and "Board Marker"

Live "Rock and Roll" Remote Production Assistant

Pro-Fax, 1988

Location: TT The Bear's, Cambridge, MA



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