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Oh, what people put on, do to or do in their cars
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Updated 2005-04-09 (At long last!)
The images shown here are original, unaltered photographs taken in generally public places. All comments are strictly the personal opinion of the photographer. No photographs or comments are misleading, or known to be false.

Harvard & Commonwealth Ave., Allston, MA - 2004-08-20

One hand for the phone.

One hand for the driving instructions.

One hand to make the turn.

Is my math off?

Boston area - 2003-06-05

Clever! - Next time you're confronted with an 'Authorized Vehicles Only' sign, just slap one of these on your car, and you're golden.

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA - 2004-09-20

Gotta be a... contortionist!

And no, this car is not parked.

Harvard & Commonwealth Ave., Allston, MA - 2004-08-20

Ya gotta see this to believe it.

Yet another on a growing list of things not to do to prevent suspicion of DWI.

Boston-area - 2003-02-12

Hidden, maybe, but not a secret.

Boston, MA Area - 2002-07-24

Enough, already! You don't NEED to prove to anyone where you've parked your car over the past ten years! Granted, that little peek-hole of a rear side window isn't much for adding visibility, but this car owner needn't cover what little glass it's got with expired stickers. At least remove the oldest ones to make room for the newer ones before they start breeding on the more important rear window.

Oops!... TOO LATE.

Brighton, MA - 2002-07-25

My friend and I were stuck behind this car for a short while. Every moment we were both marveling at how this driver could possibly be comfortable with her FOOT out the window... and of course, puzzled by WHY anyone would drive in this awkward position.


Harvard Ave., Allston, MA - 2002-05-09


Not with a car as crappy-looking as this (complete with missing wing window and trunk lid tied down with rope. But boy, that spoiler and chrome fender flares make it look really cool, huh?

Harvard Ave., Allston, MA - 2002-05-22

"That's just not right." It may be a funny LOOKING car, but it is definitely NOT a racer!

Temporary Plate, Cambridge, MA - 2002-04-14

My friend noticed this plate for me: The first thing that's strange is that the phrase "Motor Vehicle Plates" is in big print for no reason, whereas the actual plate number (which I've blurred-out here) is in small marker ink. The numbers would not be visible from more than a few feet away.

Secondly, if this is a "temporary" plate, why does it expire at the end of the year? I don't know when this "temporary" plate was issued, but it expires more than seven months after this photo was taken!

Also, do you suppose the owner of this car, most likely purchased in Norwood, Massachusetts) actually lives in New Hampshire?

Massachusetts Driver's Bumper Sticker, Boston, MA Area - 2002-02-09

Another example of what not to have stuck to your back bumper when you get pulled over by law enforcement personnel.


I don't know who owns the bright yellow Ferrari (license "MACH 5") that keeps passing me on I-93, but I hope the speeding tickets are worth the tail you're hopefully getting.

Route 99, Everett, MA - 2002-01-16

Q: What is this?

  • A: A sticker commonly affixed to the bumper of vehicles whose owners are foolish enough to drive up to and down to this famous peak.
  • A: Also, a WARNING sign not to buy this vehicle... its brakes and transmission are now shot.

    (However, if you have an opportunity to purchase a car with TWO such bumper stickers... BUY IT! It will never die.)

Cambridge, MA - 2002-08-07

Pop Quiz:

Quick... do you remember what the questions were, and when?

(I want to know not only why ballot questions are simply given numbers that are re-used for each election, but also why people keep these bumper stickers on their car several elections beyond their meaningful use. Sure, if the ballot questions last Spring were number 1, 2 and 3 and the questions this Fall were 4, 5, 6 and 7, it might make more sense. But think about it: You've got a "No on 2" bumper sticker on your car from last Spring, but what if you're supporting Question 2 this Fall, since it's a different issue altogether?!?)

And what about where?

What if this person were driving through an area with a 'Question 3' that has nothing to do with the 'Question 3' they're advocating, and might not want to vote 'Yes' on?

Route 2, Lexington, MA - 2001-11-08

Dyslexic? Patriotic? I'm not sure which.

Boston, MA Area - 2001-11-17

Patriotic? Yes!

Obstructed View? You betcha!

I even saw someone who affixed their flag in the rear window, covering up the brake light. Duh!

Parking Lot, Harvard Ave., Allston, MA - 2001-11-03

Low Rider! And it isn't even from Ohio!

Harvard Ave., Allston, MA - 2001-09-18

Yeah! - Hang this on your rear view mirror to get on the good side of that State Police Trooper or Boston Police Officer when they pull you over.

Chrysler-Daimler-Mercedes Benz Navigation Center - 2000-04-15

My car? Not likely.

Actually, this is the onboard navigation computer in Mercedes' newer line of automobiles. I can't say that it doesn't do a good job getting you from Point A to Point B. It lets you choose the 'fastest' route or 'shortest' route, for instance. It even talks to you... a lot.

Too bad it doesn't listen as well as it speaks, or you wouldn't need this massive array of buttons and other controls. As a passenger, I was horrified at the amount of attention this device required to operate while driving, and that we wandered out of our lane several times while the driver fiddled with the knobs.

Not to mention that the display could be located elsewhere on the dash, so as not to require the driver to look down (a so-called 'heads-up' display).

(Former) WordsWorth Abridged, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA - 2000-19-19

For when you absolutely must mix drinking and driving?

Here's a dumb idea that should have died on the drawing table.

Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH - 2000-08-05

Now this I just can't believe. Somebody is unclear on the concept of what bumper cars are for. And why it should matter whether collisions are head-on or not is beyond me.


Boston, MA - 2000-12-13

Not afraid to admit they're a Boston driver!


Near the Allston Post Office - 1999-10-06
The U.S.P.S. has somehow become associated with the term "Going Postal," probably without real merit. But these bumper stickers and sign in the window of this car made me think for a moment.

Porter Square, Cambridge, MA - 2001-06-01

Now why would a white taxi bearing a Yellow Cab sign have a window sticker advertising drivers wanted for Green Cabs?

"Combat Zone," Boston, MA - August, 1990
Audi says that the "Radio will not work if removed from car" Obviously, this thief didn't see this sign before breaking the window... or they were after something else that would work if removed from the car... or maybe if only the radio did work if removed from the car, the car would still be there?

Allston, MA - 2003-07-28

"Chick Magnet"

 Give me a Sign! (Never Mind. Just fix the ones we have)

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