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Updated 2005-04-09 (At long last!)
The images shown here are original, unaltered photographs taken in generally public places. All comments are strictly the personal opinion of the photographer. No photographs or comments are misleading, or known to be false.

Boston-area - 2003-02-12

Hidden, maybe, but not a secret.

Tremont at Park St., Boston, MA - 2002-04-30

I hope this overpopulation of security cameras doesn't become a trend.

Just who's watching these images, anyway? And will it help foster the use of turn signals? I'm not holding my breath.

Incidentally, there seems to be a growing debate over the use of "Stop light (still photo) Cameras" at intersections. I haven't read a lot of material on this subject, but my immediate opinion is that if you're going to bother putting cameras at intersections to see who's really going through red lights, you should use video (motion) cameras instead. That way, there would be a fair representation of what really happened, and of what else is going on besides alleged stop light infractions.

Parking Lot, Harvard Ave., Allston, MA - 2001-11-03

Low Rider! And it isn't even from Ohio!

Chrysler-Daimler-Mercedes Benz Navigation Center - 2000-04-15

My car? Not likely.

Actually, this is the onboard navigation computer in Mercedes' newer line of automobiles. I can't say that it doesn't do a good job getting you from Point A to Point B. It lets you choose the 'fastest' route or 'shortest' route, for instance. It even talks to you... a lot.

Too bad it doesn't listen as well as it speaks, or you wouldn't need this massive array of buttons and other controls. As a passenger, I was horrified at the amount of attention this device required to operate while driving, and that we wandered out of our lane several times while the driver fiddled with the knobs.

Not to mention that the display could be located elsewhere on the dash, so as not to require the driver to look down (a so-called 'heads-up' display).


Route 16, Cambridge, MA - 2000-11-12

Perhaps yielding to traffic signs would also be advisable?

(Former) WordsWorth Abridged, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA - 2000-19-19

For when you absolutely must mix drinking and driving?

Here's a dumb idea that should have died on the drawing table.

Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH - 2000-08-05

Now this I just can't believe. Somebody is unclear on the concept of what bumper cars are for. And why it should matter whether collisions are head-on or not is beyond me.


Broadway (Rte. 99), Everett, MA - 2000-04-11

There are times when I marvel at the need to post signs for employees to remember important safety procedures. Then there are times when I marvel at their irrelevance. Notice that regardless of this sign, the operator of this high-lift van isn't using chock blocks.

Warren/Kelton Sts. & Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, MA - 1998-10-27
Nobody had replaced this crumbling old concrete light post that's been like this for months, with the re-bar exposed, even!

I finally got the city to replace it, after several months.

"Combat Zone," Boston, MA - August, 1990
Audi says that the "Radio will not work if removed from car" Obviously, this thief didn't see this sign before breaking the window... or they were after something else that would work if removed from the car... or maybe if only the radio did work if removed from the car, the car would still be there?

 Give me a Sign! (Nevermind, just fix the ones we have)

What's My Lane?

Parking Madness

Personality: Oh, what people put on, do to or do in their cars!




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