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Updated 2004-05-16

No, you won't find "links to bizarre web sites" here. If you haven't found 1,000 of them already, you're not trying hard enough, 'cause you can't spit without hitting one. What you will find here are web pages that similarly attempt to expose bizarre stuff for what it is.

Yet another, brief Gallery of the Absurd, presented by Captain Packrat [2003-07].

Relevant commentary on language and more by Dr. Lionel Deimel [2003-07].

Visit Wayne Poulson's site for a look into the mind of someone with REAL credentials.

Tim Vasquez's Museum of Dumb Highway Design. Frightening, but true.

Keep up to date on the MBTA with the Bad Transit site, dedicated to the foibles of our local transit authority [2003-07].

Visit Godfrey Daniels' Deuce of Clubs, where he has been "laying the groundwork for an insanity plea since 1995."

Ken Dumas offers Sign Language, another great collection of photos containing humorous, bizarre, and or confusing signs from around the world. As he says, "It was the best of signs; it was the worst of signs."

DoNotEnter.com is a mildly amusing collection of "Do Not Enter" and other "Do Not" signs from around the world.

Bill Young (a.k.a. ThoughtViper) has a whole slew of great photos at his Inexplicable Objects site.


DEAD LINK: IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE THIS SITE HAS GONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! -- So, if you thought my site had some bizarre stuff, you MUST visit Derek Royal's "Gallery of the Absurd" for tons more! (I established this Gallery long before I stumbled upon Derek's same-name site, and out of courtesy added "v2.0" to the moniker)


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