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Updated 2003-06-08


Contributed by Bobby (a.k.a. Cactus Bob) (2003-03-16)

Regarding this sign on a garage wall (Broadway St. in Bay City, MI), Bobby asks, "Would you take your car to a shop that can't even spell 'alignment?'"

Contributed by Bobby (a.k.a. Cactus Bob) (2003-03-16)

"Visit our other fine Stores" (Yeah, both of them).

Bobby points out this sign in the almost-vacant Hampton Towne Centre Mall, Essexville, MI., and explains that at the time the only stores remaining were a drapery shop and a Chinese restaurant."

Contributed by Ellie (a.k.a. Art Stuff) (2002-10-28)

Yes, the ad actually says "course" rather than "chorus."

Contributed by Michael Friedman, Raymond, NH (1998-10-08)

This is a great "flimflam" ad (Is this ad possibly for real?!?). We both appreciate the last bullet point. Ain't it so, folks!



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