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"We live in a very absurd world..."

This site is dedicated to exposing absurdity hiding in such obvious places that nobody seems to notice! It is perhaps a little bit of Jay Leno's "Headlines" mixed with Andy Rooney, Don Novello, Consumer Reports' "Selling It," etc., etc., but mostly just my bizarre sense of perception...?

These are all my own photographs* taken in public places mostly in the Boston area. They are 100% real and not digitally manipulated. I've been capturing images like this for many years, to document things that strike me as odd or bizarre, or just plain stupid.

I guess it was inevitable that the "web" finally became my venue for arranging and displaying them, along with my personal opinions. And now, with the aid of a digital camera, I'm able to immortalize endless instances of absurdness.

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments or even your own original, real observations in photographic form (I might just add them here!).

-- Erik Wegweiser, Curator



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In Memory of Wendy Atkinson.


May your journey through the next continuum bring you the freedom that our love could not.