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Last Updated 2001-01-28

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Australian quality woodwork to suit your lifestyle.
Wood Be Rough Chopsticks


Exotic Australian Wood Chopsticks - Pictured here are one each of Tasmanian Huon Pine, and Queensland Silky Oak, both with matching wood rests. Description: Rounded square, slightly flattened, and tapered, with matte natural finishes.

The Huon Pine (top) are beautifully minimalist with wide and soft contrast grain. Very lightweight, and a pleasure to hold. These trees, found only in Tasmania, can live for on the order of 2,000 years (Wood from naturally fallen trees is used, as Huon Pine is a protected variety). The Rest is a squared-off, but asymmetrical block of wood, with accents of burned edges. Length: 29 cm (Rest: 6 cm).

The Silky Oak (bottom) have a somewhat iridescent appearance, and an intricate but delicate grain. Both also include a small 'divot' near the end (which may be an intentional, if not unavoidable, integration of a 'knot'). The Rest is a darker color, and due to its size and freeform shape, shows the grain from different perspectives. Length: 27 cm (Rest: 5.5 cm).

Made in Australia by
David Fenton / Wood be Rough
P.O. Box 644, Caloundra
Queensland, 4551

After living in Tasmania for 37 years, David now ives and works in Queensland, where he specializes in Tasmanian timbers and other sought-after Australian woods, such as Australian Red Cedar.

Queensland Region of Australia
Queensland Map
Also, for more thorough information about Australian exotic woods, visit the "Naturally Australian" wood furniture gallery site.

Silky Oak (Grevillea Robusta, top) and Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata, bottom)


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