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Last Updated 1999-02-14

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Yin-Yang Purpleheart
Hawaiian "Yin-Yang Pupleheart" Set by Tropical Sticks



These are most elegant men's and woman's two-pair sets. The woman's pair is flattened slightly to an oval shape, while the men's pair is nearly square. Both taper to a flattend point. Sets are available in these six designs (in Hawaiian woods such as Purpleheart, Ebony Mahonia Curly Koa and Hala), with a variety of color quilted batik fabric cases with Velcro™ closure.

Made by Lorn Douglas of Tropical Sticks
on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Lorn is an environmentally conscious wood craftsman with some interesting stories and environmental information on his web site.

"I recognized that living an urban lifestyle was not my natural rhythm. My good friend and yoga teacher had moved to Hawaii where I saw that there was a higher quality of life. And I had a dream of being a chopstick maker for real and started accumulating equipment to do so. After exploring the state, I resonated with the Big Island, and moved to South Point. I built a small shop adjacent to my house where I proclaimed to be the southernmost chopstick factory in the United States." -- Lorn Douglas, Artist

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