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Last Updated 1999-02-14

Snacking with Snackers

Here's an innovative 'chopstick' device! - A modern waribashi (disposable) pair of tweezer-like chopsticks, great for hashi-impaired users on the go. Material: Birch Wood 'popsicle™' type sticks or 'tongue depressors' Description: Two flat, sanded pieces of wood similarly drilled with a notch and tab to fit each other. Just poke one's tab through the other's notch and viola... instant tweezer-chopsticks!

They are mostly being marketed to the foodservice industry (caterers, etc.). Snackers were developed by Ascco UK, LTD. (Stuart Aiken, CEO) and are made in Denmark and France by Norwood A/S (manufacturer of sticks for ice cream treats) and marketed by by Klik, Inc. Ltd.

Web: http://www.norwood.dk/snackinfo.html

A simple idea, yes, but always with a look toward innovation. Klik has created a new line of chopsticks-like utensils. Similar to the original Snackers, Snacksticks have an added 'tapered' feature, which makes them not only somewhat more attractive, but also more precise in use.
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