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Are you "Chopsticks Impaired?"
Here are some innovative, creative and practical designs for tools that might help!

Updated 2001-01-28

Yan-Yan Chopsticks

[cstix19990702 - 1999-07-02]. Material: Plastic. Description: A unique "twist" - these spring-loaded plastic "chopsticks" also feature a handy locking mechanism for convenient storage. They are, however, a little lightweight. Source: Brea, CA

Cathay Pacific Airlines "Learner" Chopsticks

[cstix19981218a - 1998/12/18] Material: Plastic. Description: Round, ivory-color plastic with the airline logo in red. They can be used as normal chopsticks that taper to a blunt tip. The mismatched pair are also somewhat dual-function, with a vestigial knife and fork molded into the opposite end. Length: 27 cm. Source: Phoenix, AZ. Made in Hong Kong.

Text on the reverse of the cardboard wrapper suggest that "these Cathay Pacific Learner Chopsticks have a built-in 'safety' device that lets you gain experience without losing too much weight!"

Step 4 of the illustrated "How-to" instructions is "If you really think you've given it a fair shot, and failed, turn the chopsticks around to the 'Western end' and enjoy your meal anyway." (Personally, I think this would be more difficult than Western cutlery).

Also, the advisory: "Caution: not recommended for soup" (No... really?).

"Cheating Chopsticks"

[cstix19981110 - 1998/11/10] Materials: Bamboo and plastic. Description: Cheating Chopsticks consists of a simple, but effective flexible plastic pivot point adapter that slips onto an ordinary bamboo Chinese chopsticks (included). Length: 26.5 cm. Source: Made in England by David Fenton, Michaelis Engineering, Ltd. / Neater Solutions, Ltd. 13 Spencer Rd., Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9DX England (jm@michaeli.u-net.com)

Cheating Chopsticks are only the smallest example of several specialized assistive eating equipment and tools that Michaelis / Neater Solutions manufactures for the disabled individual. There are some very practical, inventive solutions here, mostly to allow people with impaired muscle control or paralysis to eat more naturally or easily.

Spring-loaded Chopsticks

[cstixhi002- 97/09/20 - ] Material: Bamboo, Plastic, Metal. Source: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (Big Island). Description: Rounded square with spring mechanism that keeps sticks wide open. Length: 10.25" Manufacturer unknown.

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Rookie Stix™

[cstix017] Material: Plastic. Description: One-piece pseudo-chopsticks, "Rookie Stix," Source: Mfg. by Kinobi, Inc. (Formerly Easy Kine Products, Inc.). P.O. Box 22419, Honolulu, HI 96823 (888-523-3353 / FAX: 808-941-5465).


[cstix019] Material: Plastic. Description: "Topsticks" consists of one each of pure black and pure white with ends molded in the shape of a sea horse and ergonomically sculpted middles for easy learning. Source: Boston, MA. Made in the U.S.A.

Easy Chopsticks™

[cstixsf012 - 1998/08/29] Material: Plastic. Description: Yet another 'innovative' design for the chopstick-impaired: Easy Chopsticks are a one-piece molded ivory-color plastic with a springy 'bridge' in the form of two koi (goldfish carp) fish attached at the tails. A textured area added to the tip for better grip. Length: 25.5 cm. Nationality: Made in Canada. Source: Tanaka-Ya, 22 Peace Plaza, No. 220 (Japan Center), San Francisco, CA 94115 (415-567-0697). Made by: Saratoga Seymour Enterprises, Ltd., P.O. Box 144, Fraser, Michigan 48026 (810-286-8893). This is one of at least two other similar Easy Chopsticks with different decorations. Also available at: Tokai, Porter Exchange, 1815 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA (617-864-5922).

Sushi Stix™

[cstix19981027a - 1998/10/27] Material: Plastic. Description: One-piece flexible plastic with very nifty "Japanese peace gate" decoration at the joining point. Length: 20.5 cm. Source: Made by Taylor and Ng., Typhoon Europe, Ltd. Adams House, Dickerage Ln., New Malden, Surrey KT3 3SF GREAT BRITAIN (0181 942 9361 / FAX: 0181 942 9362).


[cstix19981024a - 1998/10/27] Material: Plastic. Description: One-piece flexible plastic with a "spring" at one end and fulcrum pivot point. Length: 20 and 27 cm. Nationality: Made by KLIK, Inc. Ste. 505, Edgecliff Centre, 203 New South Head Rd., Edgecliff 2027, Sydney, N.S.W, AUSTRALIA.


[cstix020] Material: Plastic. Description: "Forkchops," are a pair of molded chopsticks that double as fork and knife. Tips have frosted texture to improve grip on food. Source: Made in U.S.A. Available by mail from Forkchops, Redondo Beach, CA. Available in Boston at Chiasso, Prudential Center Mall. Read a Forkchops review here.


[cstix025 - 1998/08/05] Here's an innovative 'chopstick' device! - A modern waribashi (disposable) pair of tweezer-like chopsticks, great for hashi-impaired users on the go. Material: Birch Wood 'popsicle™' type sticks or 'tongue depressors' Description: Two flat, sanded pieces of wood similarly drilled with a notch and tab to fit each other. Just poke one's tab through the other's notch and viola... instant tweezer-chopsticks! Dimensions: 15 x 1.5 cm. Source: I didn't find these in a store... yet. They are mostly being marketed to the foodservice industry (caterers, etc.). I found them on the internet at http://www.norwood.dk/snackinfo.html. Snackers were developed by Ascco UK, LTD. (Much thanks to CEO Stuart Aiken for the samples!) and are made in Denmark and France by Norwood A/S (manufacturer of sticks for ice cream treats) and marketed by by Klik, Inc. Ltd., who I'm told will be coming out with a new product soon, called "Kliksticks."


[cstix20000520d - 20000520] A simple idea, yes, but always with a look toward innovation. Klik has created a new line of chopsticks-like utensils. Similar to the original Snackers,™ Snacksticks have an added 'tapered' feature, which makes them not only somewhat more attractive, but also more precise in use.

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