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Erik's Chopsticks Gallery


Off Asia

With an appealing reddish stain finish, these gently tapered round rosewood chopsticks feature an unusual sensuously curved carving at the end. They come with a matching case that really shows the variations of the rosewood grain, with its satin finish. The top and bottom of the rounded case are each cut from solid pieces of wood. 25 cm. Made in Thailand.
Rosewood carved in the motif of bamboo stalks with buds, these dark-stained, round chopsticks have 90% silver caps at both the end and tip, and also have a matching case. 25 cm. Made in Thailand.
These Chinese-style square, semi-gloss black Ebony chopsticks have a detailed 70% silver decorative cap on the end. A classy design without too much glitz. 26.5 cm. Made in Vietnam.


Available from: Off Asia
PMB 108
47 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60610

"Off Asia specializes in decorative handmade fabric, especially silk, as well as wooden handicrafts imported from countries throughout Asia.

The wood collection uniquely introduces natural and [Asian] design into the Western environment, which genuinely creates a great sense of balance. Each piece is handcrafted with natural materials."

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