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People Using Chopsticks Around the World
(Interesting Chopstick Photos and Links)

Updated 2000-01-03

© 1998 Erik Wegweiser
September, 1998 - While shopping at the Japan Center in San Francisco, I visited a shop owned by the artist Yoshitsugu Yoshii. Among the paint and ink works there at Galarie Voyage (415-567-3100) was this sculpture he made entirely from chopsticks. I just had to snap a photo, with the artist's kind permission. Thanks!

February, 1999 - What is this? Well, artist Harold Poskanzer, a.k.a. Dr. Zeus, calls this strange construction "X-Wing Glasses." They are four chopsticks glued to eyeglass frames. Dr. Zeus says, "put them on and you'll think you're Luke Skywalker." Ha, ha! Check-out Dr. Zeus' other trippy constructions and artwork here. Photo included here with permission.

Check-out Joseph M. Krzeszewski's flying chopsticks here! [2000-01-03]

-- Please Tell Me if you know of other interesting uses for chopsticks! --

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