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Erik's Chopsticks Gallery

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Updated 2000-01-02

Kitsch / Retro / Hawaiiana:

The Tiki Bar Review Page: This James Tietlebaum's guide to the remaining Tiki Bars of North America [2000-01-02].

The Search for Spork

The Spork Page [2000-01-02]. What is a Spork? It's an eating utensil foisted upon us by the fast food industry and serves as both a spoon and fork... poorly, I might add. Though I would disagree, "this page is devoted to providing the web space and world adoration sporks deserve." Some think that Sporks are God-Like [2000-01-02]. A more irreverent portrayal is at the Less Than Official Spork Page [2000-01-02].

And from the "taken with a grain of salt" department:

"The spork was actually invented in the 1940's. When the US Army occupied Japan after the war, General McArthur decreed that the use of chopsticks was uncivilized, and the conquered foe should use forks and spoons like the rest of the 'civilized' world. Fearing that the Japanese might rise up and retake their country with their forks, he and the US Army invented the 'spork,' which was then introduced into the public schools. The Army, which had taken over all government enterprises and the schools, enforced the use of the 'spork,' and made the use of chopsticks in the schools a punishable offense."

(Excerpt from "The Spork: What the Man Doesn't Want You to Know"
Reproduced here with the permission of the authors at Spork Army.)

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