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Erik's Chopsticks Gallery

External Links to Cultural Resources

Last Updated 1999-02-17

Museums and Galleries

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delrey Beach, Florida [1999-02-14].

The Origami House [1999-02-14].

Crafts and Artforms (General)

Claynet and Ceramics at The MiningCo. - Learn about ceramics, such as Raku; see many artists' work and visit their galleries [1999-02-14].

The Origami House [1999-02-14].

Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture Project web site at Oregon State University. Including Business Culture in China and General Information [1999-11-19].

Chinese Food Network

Don't let the name fool you. Find an incredibly vast collection of Chinese Cultural Resources and links at this site! Also featuring a list of Chinese Restaurants and Supermarkets and Chinese Recipes.

Visit San Francisco Chinatown.

Visit Hong Kong, the City of Life - The Hong Kong Tourist Association's web site.

Learn the Use and History of Chopsticks.

Japanese Culture and Places to Visit

All About Japan

Jean Wilson has a lot of Japanese links [1999-02-06].

The Mining Co. Guide to Japanese Culture [1998-12-24]

Kanada's Site

Featuring the most useful and most useless travel tips in Japan; everything from identifying sushi to electric outlets.

The Irasshai Japanese Language and Culture Distance Learning Guide

Another vast collection of Japanese Cultural Resources, including contemporary and traditional. Produced by The Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Digital Archives of Ishikawa Japan

This web site features the rich history and tradition of this Japanese prefecture and its people. Also, see the Wajima Lacquer ware factory there.

The Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego, California [1999-02-14].

An authentic Japanese garden dating back to 1915. Don't forget to look at their current and past exhibits on subjects not limited to gardening, such as ceramics, lacquer ware, textiles, painting, puppets, and of course, ikebana (flower arranging).

The Pacific Rim Museum of Culture

"Here is your chance to be a middle school student in Japan."

Schauwecker's Guide to Japan

Lots of cultural resources here.

Japanese Pop Culture

Jean Susan Wilson's All Things Japanese links page [1999-02-17].

Chinese Food

How important Banquets are in Chinese business, etc. [1999-02-07].

Chinesefood.org [1999-11-19].


Dave's ESL Cafe, includes a lively on-line discussion group (food is one topic category).

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary [1998-12-23]

Search for translations from/to either language by entering the desired word(s).

Another On-line English<->Japanese Dictionary [1998-12-23]

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese Dictionary [1998-12-23]


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