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External Links to Other Collectors' Sites

[Last Updated 1999-09-27]

Chopstick-Related Collectors:

Check out Amber Dorko-Stopper's Chopsticks Page with lots of other interesting ephemera and original works of literature [BROKEN LINK].

Here's Kim Moser's "Largest Collection of Chopstick Wrappers on the Internet" A collection of Waribashi (Thanks for sharing your "Page o' Chopsticks" collection with us, Mr. Moser!) [2001-07-26].

Drop-in on Donella Spencer, who collects Postcards and Waribashi, etc.
(Thanks for visiting, Donella!)

Visit Andre Velthoen, globe-trotting chopstick collector in Eerbeek, the Netherlands (Holland) [BROKEN LINK].


Other Collections (Not specifically Chopsticks):

The Collector's Web is an extensive list of "any kind of collectibles and collectors [1998-12-21].


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