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Last Updated 2002-01-24

BCBS Chopsticks
Custom Imprinted Melamine (Plastic) Chopsticks

Made of melamine resin (a type of Plastic), these square and gently tapered, ivory colored chopsticks can be imprinted with custom logos and slogans. Great for wedding favors and corporate promotions!

Available from Norman Sperling at
"Everything in the Universe"
413 Poinsettia Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403

Creator Norman Sperling sent me this sample pair of chopsticks, part of an innovative advertising campaign for Blue Shield of California. Sperling, an Oakland, California inventor and astronomy teacher, came up with the idea for these trade show "giveaways" - a popular alternative to ho-hum pens and key chain flashlights. As part of a marketing effort toward the Asian community, 15,000 of the unique and practical promotional items were distributed during the 1998 Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco, California.

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