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Last Updated 2003-10-07


Elseware's Yupo® Paper Chopsticks

Yupo Paper Chopsticks


"Chopsticks - a Yupo paper product exploration

Created through Elseware's Yupo, these chopsticks are produced with a very unique method. They take advantage of Yupo's formability, strength and waterproof qualities. Each chopstick is a single piece of paper rolled and baked until they retain the rolled shape. No glues or mechanical means are used to create them.

Elseware chopsticks are perfect for dinner parties where an intriguing theme is desired. Set them on the table pre-made, or, finish your meal presentation by baking the utensils to be used and "serve" them warm right before you eat.

Crated by Joel Hoag

Available from:
Elseware Gallery
97 Wyckoff Ave., No. 4
Brooklyn, NY 11237
ph/fax: 718-366-0888


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