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November, 2000 Acquisitions

Last Updated 2001-01-28

Ceramic Chopsticks

[cstix20001122a - 2000/11/22]. Material: glazed porcelain. Description: Round smooth tip, transitioning at a purple band to rounded square end in grey. The colored parts are decorated with a fish scale pattern and texture. There is a hole in the end, probably necessary in the manufacturing process. Length: 24.5 cm. Nationality: Unknown. Source: Atlanta, GA.

Recycled Aluminum Chopsticks Set

[cstix20001122b - 2000/11/22]. Material: Aluminum; supposedly recycled (from aluminum cans?). Description: Round, blunt tips, transitioning to triangular ends. Polished and solid, but not heavy. The matching rest is a solid pillow-like ingot. Length: 26.5 cm (Rest: 6 cm). Nationality: Unknown. Source: Atlanta, GA.

Deer Antler Chopsticks

[cstix20001113 - 2000/11/13]. Material: Deer antler. Description: Rectangular from sharp tip to near end. Polished, mottled vory-color, except for ends which are unpolished rough natural antler surface and tapered. Length: 21 cm. Nationality: German? Source: Almena, WI.

Group of Carved Wood Thai Chopsticks

[cstix20001130af - 2000/11/30]. Material: Wood. Description: Six different chopsticks in a variety of woods, hand-carved and inlayed. All are round and tapered their entire length. Designs include three with a slanted ligher wood inlayed in darker body and three 'turned' spindle designs. All are tied with thread and have a fabric slip cover in brilliant colors and metallic thread, with a carved elephant decoration in coconut shell. Length: 24 cm. Nationality: Thai. Source: Bangkok, Thailand.

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