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August, 2000 Acquisitions

Updated 2001-01-28

Toddler's Starter Chopsticks

[cstix20000826a - 2000/08/26]. Material: Plastic. Description: These specially designed and rather diminutive chopsticks not only have a textured tip for secure grip, but are also uniquely asymetrical. One stick (the outer one, top) has a pair of bumps, and the other stick (the inner one, bottom) has a special finger loop, both used for steadying inexperienced fingers. Length: 16 cm. Nationality: Japanese. Source: Santa Monica, CA.

Wood and Bone Chopsticks

[cstix20000826b - 2000/08/26]. Material: Hardwood and bone. Description: These chopsticks are round and gently tapered to a medium point. The body of each is a single piece of smooth mixed light and dark wood. The ends are decorated with a 'zig-zag' stripe material (bone?) of ivory and dark brown color. Length: 25 cm. Nationality: Indonesian? Source: Santa Monica, CA.

Mixed Hardwood Chopsticks and Rests

[cstix20000818abcdefg - 2000/08/18]. Material: Scrap Ebony from the manufacture of guitar frets, Rosewood from Costa Rican saw mill scrap piles and domestic woods left over from Tansu Woodwork's larger projects. Description: "Massive" both in length and girth, these chopsticks are square and tapered their entire length to a sharp point. They are not heavy, but these prototypes are imbalanced (back-heavy). You can see by the saw marks in the Ebony how difficult a wood it is to work. The matching ligher wood rests are 'bow tie' in shape with two drilled holes (possibly for inserting the sticks for storage). Length: 27 cm (Rests: 3.5 cm). Nationality: Made in U.S.A. Source: Lutz (Tampa), Fl.

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