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July, 2000 Acquisitions

Updated 2001-01-28

Blue Ceramic Chopsticks Rest

[rest20000719 - 2000/07/19]. Material: Ceramic. Description: A 'bridge-like' support with blotchy, crackled blue glaze. Length: 6 cm. Nationality: Japanese. Source: Boston, MA.

Green Ceramic Chopsticks Rest

[rest20000715 - 2000/07/15]. Material: Ceramic. Description: One of two matching bow-like rests in nicely detailed green crazed glazing. Length: 7.5 cm. Nationality: Unknown. Source: Boston, MA.

Fancy Promotional Wood and Silver Chopsticks Set

[cstix20000705 - 2000/07/05]. Material: Wood, Silver plated metal. Description: One of two pair with matching rests in a boxed set. These items were supposedly used as a promotional item for the grand opening of ShangHai Tang, a Chinese department store in New York City. They are square wood, tapered to a sharp point, with long silver or silver plated end caps. The matching ingot-like rest is heavy metal, plated in silver. The "China Now" logo is etched into the silver surface of both the chopsticks and rest. Length: 23 cm (Rest: 6 cm). Nationality: Chinese. Source: New York, NY.

Lacquered Chopsticks with Mother of Pearl Inlay

[cstix20000705 - 2000/07/05]. Material: Lacquered wood or bamboo; mother-of-pearl. Description: These are two better representatives of the very popular black lacquer and mother-of-pearl design. They are rounded-square and tapered their entire length to a sharp point. Length: 22.5 cm. Nationality: Japanese? Source: Princeton, NJ.

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