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May, 2000 Acquisitions

Updated 2001-01-28

Tozai Ceramic Chopsticks

[cstix20000523 - 2000/05/23]. Material: glazed porcelain. Description: Round smooth tip, transitioning at a yellow band to rounded square end in blue. The colored parts are decorated with a fish scale pattern and texture. There is a hole in the end, probably necessary in the manufacturing process. Length: 24.5 cm. Nationality: Unknown. Source: Hoboken, NJ.

Exotic Wood Australian Chopsticks Sets

[cstix20000505ab - 2000/05/05]. Material: Salvaged rare Australian woods: Silky Oak and Jarrah. Description: Rounded square and tapered to a blunt tip, with matte natural finishes. The rich feathery grain of the lighter Silky Oak (Grevillea Robusta, top) and subtle irregularities of the darker Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata, bottom) make these two more interesting. With simple matching block rests. Length: 23 cm (Rests: 4 cm). Nationality: Made in Australia Source: Queensland, Australia.

Source: Made in Australia by David Fenton, Wood be Rough. P.O. Box 644, Caloundra, Queensland, 4551, AUSTRALIA (dfenton@ozemail.com.au)

After living in Tasmania for 37 years, David now lives and works in Queensland, where he specializes in Tasmanian timbers and other sought-after Australian woods, such as Australian Red Cedar.

Also, for more thorough information about Australian exotic woods, visit the "Naturally Australian" wood furniture gallery site.

Snackers™ Warppers (Click Here for another photo, and see the next item, below)

[cstix20000520abcd - 2000/05/20] These are more examples of an item I first added to the collection in 1998. An innovative 'chopsticks' substitute - A modern waribashi (disposable) pair of tweezer-like chopsticks, great for hashi-impaired users on the go. Material: Birch Wood 'popsicle™' type sticks or 'tongue depressors' Description: Two flat, sanded pieces of wood similarly drilled with a notch and tab to fit each other. Just poke one's tab through the other's notch and viola... instant tweezer-chopsticks! These semples represent some custom wrapper possibilities, such as used by LegoLand© in Windsor, UK. Dimensions: 15 x 1.5 cm. Source: Snackers are mostly being marketed to the foodservice industry (caterers, grocery and quick-e marts, etc.). I found them on the internet at http://www.norwood.dk/snackinfo.html. Snackers were developed by Ascco UK, LTD. (Thanks again to CEO Stuart Aiken for the samples!) and are made in Denmark and France by Norwood A/S (manufacturer of sticks for ice cream treats) and marketed by by Klik, Inc. Ltd., who also make "Snacksticks" and "Kliksticks."


[cstix20000520d - 20000520] A simple idea, yes, but always with a look toward innovation. Klik, Inc. (http://www.norwood.dk/snackinfo.html) has created this new line of chopsticks-like utensils. Similar to the original Snackers,™ Snacksticks have an added 'tapered' feature, which makes them not only somewhat more attractive, but also more precise in use. Klik, Inc. also makes "Kliksticks."

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