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March, 2000 Acquisitions

Last Updated: 2000-04-25

Alaskan Motif Birch chopsticks

[cstix20000325ae - 2000/03/25] Material: Kiln Dried Alaskan White Birch. Description: Perfectly round and tapered from end to tip, these chopsticks are inscribed with three bands near the end, framing a rustic wood-burned motif of an eagle, humpback whale, fish, fireweed and grizzly bear. Length: 24 cm. Source: Alaska, U.S.A.

Wood, Silver and... fossil!

[cstix20000325f - 2000/03/25] Material: Wood (Maple, Walnut); pure silver; mastadon ivory. Description: These contrasting light and dark hardwood chopsticks feature a subtle detail in the silver-flanked 'bead' of mastadon ivory. A close inspection reveals an irridescence to the grain of the ivory. Curly maple is from the Eastern United States, and the Black Walnut is from Oregon. Includes black fabric pouch. Length: 23 cm. Source: Alaska, U.S.A.

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