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November, 1999 Acquisitions

Last Updated 1999-12-13

Folding "Carry-on" Camping Chopsticks

[cstix19991117 - 1999-11-17] Material: Wood, brass, stainless steel, rubber. Description: These chopsticks are "designed for the gourmet outdoor enthusiast." The handle is made of matte finish hollow stainless steel, to which the natural wood tips are attached. Simply unscrew them at the brass fitting, slip the wood ends into the hollow tubes and snap on the brass end-cap (with rubber O-ring) for safe, compact traveling. Length: 12 cm (Folded); 21 cm (assembled). Nationality: Japanese, Made in Japan. Source: Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Delicate bamboo stalk chopsticks

[cstix19991113 - 1999-11-13] Material: Natural bamboo. Description: Another variation, yet a unique design in bamboo. These chopsticks are not just cut lengths of split bamboo, but rather a pair of whole bamboo twigs; two segments each, with the 'knuckles' and alternating growth pattern evident. They have been stained and/or lacquer finished a muddy brown color. Length: 26 cm. Nationality: Japanese. Source: Boston.

Collapsible aluminum chopsticks set

[cstix19991101 - 1999-11-01] Material: Aluminum. Description: These are ultra-cool contemporary chopsticks. Not only slender, sturdy and lightweight, but also compact. For storage or traveling, they unscrew in the middle and slide into their crimson fabric pouch, along with very red enamel-finished folding rest. Length: 20.5 cm (Rest: 3 cm). Nationality: Made in USA.

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