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October, 1999 Acquisitions

Last Updated 1999-10-25

Mexican Silver-decorated Chopsticks

[cstix19991022a - 1999-10-22] Material: Wood and Silver. Description: Although the square wood chopsticks are rather ordinary, this pair sports twin cat decorations at the end in sterling silver. Length: 25.5 cm. Nationality: Made in Mexico. Source: Boston.

Tapered Dark Wood Chopsticks

[cstix19991022b - 1999-10-22] Material: Wood. Description: Interesting taper at the end of these dark brown stained wood pair. Length: 23 cm. Source: Boston.

Metal Leaf Chopsticks rest

[rest19991017 - 1999-10-17] Material: Copper? Description: This little metal leaf rest has a very nice green patina. Though it is metal, I can not tell if it is actually copper. Length: 6 cm. Source: Cambridge, MA.

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