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August, 1999 Acquisitions

(Road Trip to San Deigo, California!)

Updated 1999-09-09

Porcelain chopsticks from Hong Kong

[cstix19990813 - 1999/08/13]. Material: Porcelain. Description: The classic Chinese chopstick design faithfully reproduced in white porcelain; with unique pattern in blue glaze covering about half the stick. Holes near the end are probably for stringing on a wire for firing, and could be used for linking the pair together with string or chain. Length: ? cm. Nationality: Chinese. Source: Hong Kong.

Balinese coconut wood chopsticks with bone decorations

[cstix19990829ab - 1999/08/29]. Material: Coconut palm wood; bone. Description: Nearly round, with alternating bands of wood and bone near the end, capped with miniature carvings of a lotus blossom or bird chick. The two pair are of light and dark color, with typical palm wood grain pattern. Length: (lotus) 25 cm; (chick) 27 cm. Nationality: Bali. Source: La Jolla (San Diego), CA, U.S.A.


African wild animal chopsticks from Kenya

[cstix19990829c - 1999/08/29]. Material: Wood. Description: An unusual find from Kenya, given that chopsticks are not commonly used in Africa. These three hand-carved chopsticks sport the figures of elephants, zebras and giraffes. Length: 26 cm. Nationality: Kenya. Source: La Jolla (San Diego), CA, U.S.A.


Japanese child's chopsticks

[cstix19990831a - 1999/08/31]. Description: Exquisite in their simplicity. These 'baby' chopsticks are by far the smallest I've ever seen. They are perfectly round and perfectly glossy jet black, with a black 'rubber band' to keep them together. Length: 14 cm! Nationality: Made in Japan. Source: San Diego, CA, U.S.A.

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Nicely packaged Japanese chopsticks with matching rest

[cstix19990831b - 1999/08/31]. Material: Wood. Description: A very nice, though featureless pair of square, tapered chopsticks. They come tied together with colored 'rope' and bound with paper, plus a pretty little matching wood paddle rest. Length: 23 cm; Rest: 6 cm. Nationality: Made in Japan. Source: San Diego, CA, U.S.A.

Several chopsticks rests

[cstix19990831cdefg - 1999/08/31].

Koi / Carp / Goldfish: Material: Wood. Description: Hand-carved wood, stained crimson and nicely detailed. Length: 8 cm.

Eggplant and Lotus Root: Material: Ceramic. Description: Sea-froth green glazed replicas of these edibles. Length: 8 cm.

Paddle: Material: Ceramic. Description: Multicolor patterns, including gold, decorate this miniature paddle. Length: 7.5 cm.

Fan: Material: Ceramic. Description: Gold and other colors also decorate this ceramic fan with a lone boatman along a tree-lined shore. Length: 8 cm.

Nationality: Japanese. Source: San Diego, CA, U.S.A.

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