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June, 1999 Acquisitions

Updated 2000-01-02

"Cathay Pacific" chopsticks with bamboo case

[cstix19990616 - 1999/06/16]. Material: Bamboo. Description: Plain, sturdy bamboo Chinese chopsticks with woodburned "Hong Kong" imprinted on the end. Case is a two-piece bamboo tube and cap, with woodburned imprint of "Cathay Pacific" and airplane logo on the cap; cityscape and "Hong Kong" on the case. Length: 26.5 cm (Case: 30.5 cm). Source: New Port Richey, FL, U.S.A.

Maple Chopsticks with Cocobolo Rest

[cstix19990604 - 1999/06/04]. Material: (Bird's Eye?) Maple and Cocobolo wood. Description: Simple, undecorated wood chopsticks with beautiful wood pattern; square, tapered from end to tip. The rest has rich, wide wood grain pattern and subtle curves. The chopsticks may be kept together by inserting them into the hole in the rest. Length: 25 cm (Rest: 6 cm). Source: Boston, MA. Hand-crafted in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

This was a great 34th birthday present from my wife, Vicki!

Promotional Plastic Chopsticks

[cstix19990601ab - 1999/06/01]. Material: Plastic. Description: 'Favor' chopsticks for a wedding reception, symbolically bearing the name of the bride and groom on each of the two sticks. Also a similar pair used for advertising promotion. Length: 27 cm.

Plastic chopsticks from Hong Kong restaurants

[cstix19990629ab - 1999-06-29]. Material: Plastic. Description: Standard plastic restaurant chopsticks, imprinted with the names of Aberdeen, Hong Kong restaurants Sea Palace and Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Source: Blue Ridge, GA

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