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May, 1999 Acquisitions

Updated 1999-09-08

"Elephant" Decorated Chopsticks from Thailand

[cstix19990529a - 1999/05/29]. Material: Wood and metal (nickel or pewter?). Description: Dark brown wood; round and decorated at the end with miniature cast metal elephants with "Thailand" marking. Length: 26 cm.

Inlaid Wood Chopsticks and Baskets from Thailand

[cstix19990529bc - 1999/05/29]. Material: Wood, cane. Description: One of two similar pair. Four types of wood have been fused together in what appear to be natural colors of tan, brown, yellow and black; round. The case is a flexible woven wicker or cane basket, one natural color and one stained dark brown. Length: 23 cm (Basket 20 cm).

Print Decorated Japanese Chopsticks

[cstix19990525 (?) - 1999/05/25 (?)]. Material: Wood or Bamboo. Description: Light lavender, decorated with floral pattern print; rounded square. Length: 23 cm.

Green Plastic Restaurant Chopsticks

[cstix199905?? - 1999/05/??]. Material: Plastic. Description: Square, tapered to round; blunt. Avocado green. Length: 27 cm.

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