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April, 1999 Acquisitions

Updated 1999-04-18

Rosewood (?) Chopsticks and Rest in Linen Sleeve

[cstix19990415 - 1999/04/15]. Material: Rosewood?. Description: A unique packaging design consisting of round, light brown wood chopsticks and matching wood rest in a cotton linen sleeve. The sleeve 'unbuttons' along the edge to reveal pockets for the chopsticks and rest. Length: 23 cm (Rest: 4 cm). Nationality: Made in Thailand. Source: Boston, MA.

Ceramic Chopsticks Rest with Prawn Decoration

[cstix19990416a - 1999/04/16]. Material: Ceramic. Description: Black glazed chopstick rest in a stone-like form, and decorated with orange and white prawn . Length: 4.5 cm. Source: Cambridge, MA.

Bamboo Chopsticks Rest

[cstix19990416b - 1999/04/16]. Material: Bamboo. Description: Natural Bamboo cross-section showing green exterior (possibly natural color, but probably painted). A very pleasing shape. Length: 5 cm Source: Cambridge, MA.

"Ebony" and Sterling Silver Chopsticks

[cstix19990416c - 1999/04/16]. Material: Ebony (?) wood and sterling silver. Description: Gloss black stain finish, embellished with inlaid silver and silver end caps. Square ends tapering to blunt round tips. Length: 25.7 cm. Source: Cambridge, MA.

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