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November, 1998 Acquisitions

Updated 1999-04-17

"Cheating Chopsticks"

[cstix19981110 - 1998/11/10] Materials: Bamboo and plastic. Description: Cheating Chopsticks consists of a simple, but effective flexible plastic pivot point adapter that slips onto an ordinary bamboo Chinese chopsticks (included). Length: 26.5 cm. Source: Made in England by David Fenton, Michaelis Engineering, Ltd. / Neater Solutions, Ltd. 13 Spencer Rd., Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9DX England (jm@michaeli.u-net.com)

Cheating Chopsticks are only the smallest example of several specialized assentive eating equipment and tools that Michaelis / Neater Solutions manufactures for the disabled individual. There are some very practical, inventive solutions here, mostly to allow people with impaired muscle control or paralysis to eat more naturally or easily.

Exotic Wood Chopsticks from Australia

[cstix19981130ab - 1998/11/30] Materials: One each of Tasmanian Huon Pine, and Queensland Silky Oak, both with matching wood rests. Description: Rounded square, slightly flattened, and tapered, with matte natural finishes.

The Huon Pine (top) are beautifully minimalist with wide and soft contrast grain. Very lightweight, and a pleasure to hold. These trees, found only in Tasmania, can live for on the order of 2,000 years (Wood from naturally fallen trees is used, as Huon Pine is a protected variety). The Rest is a squared-off, but asymmetrical block of wood, with accents of burned edges. Length: 29cm (Rest: 6 cm).

The Silky Oak (Grevillea Robusta, bottom) have a somewhat iridescent appearance, and an intricate but delicate grain. Both also include a small 'divot' near the end (which may be an intentional, if not unavoidable, integration of a 'knot'). The Rest is a darker color, and due to its size and freeform shape, shows the grain from different perspectives. Length: 27 cm (Rest: 5.5 cm).

Source: Made in Australia by David Fenton, Wood be Rough. P.O. Box 644, Caloundra, Queensland, 4551, AUSTRALIA (dfenton@ozemail.com.au)

Three Chopstick Sets from Costa Rica

[cstix19981112abc - 1998/11/12] Materials: One each of cocobolo, purpleheart, and peachpalm wood, all with matching wood Rests. Description: Square and tapered, with glossy natural finishes. Nicely made. Each offer unique color and grain pattern attributes: Peachpalm has very dark and medium brown in longitudinal but splotchy grain; Purpleheart has a very fine and less contrasted grain, is purple in color, but varies in consistency; Cocobolo is a rich, course, swirly high contrast grain of light and medium brown. The Rests are crescent shaped with a flat base. Length: 23 cm (Rests: 4 cm) Source: Made in Costa Rica by Biesanz Woodworks.

(Photo will be added soon)
Taiwanese Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks

[cstix19981017 - 1998/11/05] Material: Bamboo. Description: Round and tapered toward tip only. Smooth, unfinished surface. Length: 45 cm. Source: Boston, MA. Made in Taiwan.

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