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October, 1998 Acquisitions

Updated 1998-11-01

A few new items this month... including a couple vendor "sponsors" who have kindly agreed to exchange samples for links to their commercial sites.

Chinese Sterling and Enamel Chopsticks on a chain

[cstix19981020 - 1998/10/20] Material: Sterling Silver and Enamel. Description: Round and tapered from the mid point to a blunt round tip. The decoration in silver and light purple enamel are of the imperial Chinese dragon motif. They are lightweight, and attached by a silver chain. Length: 21 cm. Nationality: Chinese. Source: Honolulu, HI.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Chopstick Set

[cstix19981017 - 1998/10/17] Material: Hawaiian Koa Wood. Description: Square, tapered (Chinese style), and very lightweight. Natural finish shows the wood's unique grain color and texture variations. Length: 26 cm (Rest: 6.5 cm). Nationality: Made in Hawaii by Zero Gravity Hawaii 1750 Kalakaua Ave., Ste. 3572, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826.


Typhoon Sushi Stix™

[cstix19981027 - 1998/10/27] Material: Plastic. Description: "Sushi Stix" are stylish plastic chopsticks attached at one end with a creative design, and textured curved gripping area at the tip. Nationality: Made by Typhoon Europe, Ltd. Adams House, Dickerage Ln., New Malden, Surrey KT3 3SF GREAT BRITAIN (0181 942 9361 / FAX: 0181 942 9362).


[cstix19981024a - 1998/10/27] Material: Plastic. Description: One-piece flexible plastic with a "spring" at one end and fulcrum pivot point. Length: 20 and 27 cm. Nationality: Made by KLIK, Inc. Ste. 505, Edgecliff Centre, 203 New South Head Rd., Edgecliff 2027, Sydney, N.S.W, AUSTRALIA.

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