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August, 1998 Acquisitions

Last Updated 2001-01-28

Well, I didn't end up bringing anything back during MacWorld in NYC (and I'm thrilled that it will be back in Boston next year). Just not enough time.

However... here's something interesting this month:


[cstix025 - 1998/08/05] Here's an innovative 'chopstick' device! - A modern waribashi (disposable) pair of tweezer-like chopsticks, great for hashi-impaired users on the go. Material: Birch Wood 'popsicle™' type sticks or 'tongue depressors' Description: Two flat, sanded pieces of wood similarly drilled with a notch and tab to fit each other. Just poke one's tab through the other's notch and viola... instant tweezer-chopsticks! Dimensions: 15 x 1.5 cm. Source: I didn't find these in a store. They are mostly being marketed to the foodservice industry (caterers, grocery and quick-e marts, etc.). I found them on the internet at http://www.norwood.dk/snackinfo.html. Snackers were developed by Ascco UK, LTD. (Much thanks to CEO Stuart Aiken for the samples!) and are made in Denmark and France by Norwood A/S (manufacturer of sticks for ice cream treats) and marketed by by Klik, Inc. Ltd., who also make "Snacksticks" and "Kliksticks."


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