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January, 1998 Acquisitions (New York, NY)

The adventure continues: A sincere thanks to Amber Dorko Stopper, a recent visitor who, via e-mail, alerted me to two promising new sources for me to investigate: one in New York City and the other back in Philadelphia. What a coincidence that I was not only attending a meeting in Manhattan the next day, but also planned to visit Philadelphia afterward. Truly good 'Karma!'

First, I found the place on NY's 5th Ave. (say no more!) quite overwhelming & wanted to take all 6 exquisite floors home with me... or at least a dozen pair of the very unique, very overpriced chopstick selection. I got two pair & departed hastily before I got into more trouble (I'll be back!).

As for center city Philadelphia, things didn't work out as planned. I started at South Street, where you'll usually find me when in town. Unfortunately, this was a rare daylight appearance & my assumption that most of the galleries and boutiques would be open at 10 am proved way off. So I didn't make it back there again. After walking 30 blocks from South Street to west Walnut, I discovered why they hadn't answered the phone that morning: as luck would have it, there was a power outage in the building & they never opened by the time I had to catch the train back home, late that afternoon.

While waiting for power to be restored, I had a brief conversation with another of the building's occupants who happened to be an internet service provider. I can only imagine the scene he related to me, that with nine minutes of remaining battery backup, he was desperately hoping he could operate the emergency generator.

Twisted Clear Glass Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstixny001- 98/01/26] Material: Clear glass. Description: Round, Tapered, with a spiral textured design. Stunning! Packaged in white paper box (not shown). Length: 25 cm. Source: New York, NY.

Double-Tapered Wood Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstixny002- 98/01/26] Material: lightweight wood. Description: Square, Uniquely Tapered at both ends. Dark brown lacquer. Length: 26 cm. Source: New York, NY.

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