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June, 1997 Acquisitions
("Un-eymoon" - Toronto, Ontario - CANADA)

Last Updated: 1998-10-02

We had just gotten married when my new wife, Vicki, and I headed to Toronto and, yes, Niagara Falls, for what I call our "Un-eymoon." That is, a chance to escape alone following our picture perfect wedding in Boston. This was not the real Honeymoon, which we had planned for September, 1997. Naturally, I didn't manage to get back from even this trip without finding a new set of chopsticks...

Vietnamese Ebony & Tin Chopsticks

[cstix19970616 - 1997/06/16] Material: Ebony wood, Tin. Description: Slender, Round at tip; square toward opposite ends, which are decorated with inscribed silver caps. Length: 26 cm. Nationality: Vietnamese. Source: Toronto, Ontario.


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