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Yet More Chopsticks!
(Not organized by month of acquisition)

Updated 1999-05-04

This is just a sampling of the most unique and interesting chopsticks in the collection. Check out the other acquisitions organized by month...


Inlaid Rosewood Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix018] Material: Rosewood and other woods. Description: Round, tapered, with bands of various color tone hardwood inlays constructed around a central titanium pin. Includes rosewood rest & black felt pouch (not shown). This is the most unique of at least two pair of the artist's work in the collection. Another pair, not pictured, is dark rosewood without inlay. Length: 10.25" Source: Philadelphia, PA. Made in California.

Indonesian Wood Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix001] Material: Wood. Source: Amsterdam, Holland. Description: Round, tapered, hand-carved stained black with ornamental end. Length: 8.5" Nationality: Dutch East Indian / Indonesian. Source: Amsterdam, Holland.

Cloisonné Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix003] Material: Metal (brass or brass plate?), cloisonné (I believe the technique is called Champleve'), "ivory" composition material (or possibly bone). Source: Florida flea market (This is a very common item). Description: Multicolored Cloisonné ornamenting round shaft with tip and end of off-white material (most likely bone or imitation ivory composition material). Packaged in blue & green cloth-covered cardboard box. Length: 8.5" Nationality: Chinese.

Jade Chopsticks

[cstix005 - 1992/09/29] Material: Jade stone. Description: Square end, round tips, semi-translucent carved dark green jade. Packaged in cardboard & orange floral "arts and crafts" paper box case. Length: 8.5" Nationality: Chinese. Source: Brookline (Boston), MA.

Zebra Wood Chopsticks - Click image to see detail

[cstix006] Material: Zebra wood. Description: Square; Tan and dark brown wide grain; Paper wrap with inscription. Length: 9.25" Nationality: Japanese.

Anodized Aluminum Chopsticks

[cstix007 - 1992/09/15] Material: Anodized aluminum. Description: Square, tapered, matte black finish with gold ornamental ends. Packaged in black cardboard tube. Length: 9.0" Nationality: Japanese. Source: Boston, MA.

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Tapered Square Wood Chopsticks

[cstix012] Material: Stained wood. Description: Square, tapered from end to tip, beveled end. Packaged with knotted black ribbon. Length: 10" Hand-crafted in the U.S.A. Source: Boston, MA.

Turned Wood Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix013] Material: Turned wood (Maple or Oak?). Description: Delicate hand lathe-turned light grain wood. Length: 10.25" This is one of three similar pair in the collection; each of different color and pattern. Source: Cambridge, MA. Hand made in Ohio, U.S.A.

Another of my favorite pair; and yes, a birthday gift (one of three similar pair) from my wife, Vicki!

Ivory Chinese Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix014] Material: Real ivory. Description: Plain ivory color, square, with "dyptich" colored dragon engraving (scrimshaw) on one side of opposite ends. Length: 10.25" Nationality: Chinese.

Indonesian Lizard Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix015 - 1992/10/15] Material: Carved wood. Description: Round, natural wood, ornamented by carved ends resembling tropical lizards, hand-painted bright gloss enamels. Front and back shown. Length: 10.25" Nationality: Dutch East Indian/Indonesian?

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Natural Green Bamboo Chopsticks

[cstix016 - 1991/12/12] Material: Bamboo. Description: Natural bamboo with exterior skin of the plant integrated into design (including a segment "ridge" near the end) of one square face. This side is light green (possibly stained). Profile also shown. Nationality: Made in Japan by Kotobuki. Source: Cambridge, MA.

Korean Flatware Chopsticks

[cstix021] Material: Chrome-plated metal. Description: Rectangular flatware style with artwork of vegetables stamped on both sides of the ends. Length: 8.0" Nationality: Korean. Source: Somerville, MA.

Multilayer Lacquer Chopsticks - Click image to see detail.

[cstix023] Material: Wood. Description: Rounded square, tapered; black lacquer finish, with portions shaved away to reveal seven other layers of tan, brown & black lacquer beneath. Length: 9.0" Nationality: Japanese. (I've seen some like this with many layers of brilliantly colored lacquer exposed & hope someday to locate more like this).

Flat Bamboo Chopsticks with matching box

[cstix027] Material: Bamboo. Description: Flat square, tapered; natural color with opposite ends colored reddish-brown on one side only. Matching bamboo box with slide lid. These are possibly "tea ceremony" chopsticks. Length: 23 cm Nationality: Japanese. Source: ?

Rosewood Chinese Chopsticks with carved Box

[cstix028] Material: Rosewood. Description: Round tip; square opposite end; reddish color. Hand-carved rosewood box with slide lid. Length: 24 cm Nationality: Chinese. Source: ?

Delicate Old Ivory Chopsticks

[cstix022] Material: Real ivory. Description: Old, but probably not antique. Petite, delicate square, tapered and curved with age. Length: 21 cm. Source: Boston, MA.

Bamboo-Wrapped Chopsticks

[cstix029] Material: Bamboo (Probably Entirely). Description: Round and tapered; Painted or lacquered black, with more than half covered by a spiral wrapping of cane which is also coated with a brown varnish. Length: 23 cm. Nationality: Made in China Source: Boston, MA?

Bamboo Chopsticks with Orange Stripes

[cstix030] Material: Bamboo. Description: Rounded-square and tapered; Decorated at tips and opposite end with painted-on texture orange stripes. Length: 22.5 cm. Nationality: Made in Japan Source: Cambridge, MA.

Tapered Palm Wood Chopsticks

[cstix032] Material: Palm Wood. Description: Round and tapered, with sharp cones at opposite end and three cut grooves as decorations. Length: 26.5 cm. Nationality: ? Source: ?

Sorry: Photo Not Available

[cstix023] Material: Solid brass. Description: Square end, round tips. Length: 8.0" Nationality: Chinese. Source: Cambridge, MA.

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