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Last Updated 1999-02-14

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Biesanz Chopsticks
Three Chopstick Sets from Costa Rica

Shown above are one each of cocobolo, purpleheart, and peachpalm wood, with matching wood rests. They are square and tapered, with glossy natural finishes. Nicely made. Each offer unique color and grain pattern attributes: Peachpalm has very dark and medium brown in longitudinal but splotchy grain; Purpleheart has a very fine and less contrasted grain, is purple in color, but varies in consistency; Cocobolo is a rich, course, swirly high contrast grain of light and medium brown. The rests are crescent shaped with a flat base.

Made in Costa Rica by
Biesanz Woodworks

"I design for a timeless, almost Shaker simplicity with great attention to joinery and finish. I use not only traditional geometrical forms and proportions, but also asymmetry, and, in the bowls, natural edges and defects. I want my pieces to feel good in the hand, so all edges are rounded and all hidden surfaces smooth. I don't look to impose a shape, but to uncover one that reflects and interacts with the natural fractal harmony between heartwood and sapwood. I feel that the people who buy my work are co-creators, and deserve my gratitude for allowing me to do the work I love." -- Barry Biesanz

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