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Alaskan Chopped Stick Company

"Alaskan Chopped Stick Company manufactures chopsticks in a variety of woods and designs. The primary wood used is kiln dried hand selected Alaskan White Birch (above).... grown under the northern lights." These come in five rustic wood-burned designs (l to r): bald eagle, humpback whale, fish, fireweed and grizzly bear.

But their hardwood chopsticks, including cooking chopsticks, are made of a variety of materials from around the world. Some of the woods used include: Curly Maple (from the Eastern United States); Chakte-Kok (from sustained yield forests in Mexico); Santa Maria (from Belize, California); and Madrone, Black Walnut, Pacific Yew wood and Myrtle wood (from Oregon). Some come with fabric pouches. Look for more hardwood designs and other items on their web site soon!

The owners of this relatively new business (about two years) enjoy working in wood. Originally inspired by the many Japanese visitors, they have found these creations even more popular souvenirs among other tourists in the state.


Available from: Alaskan Chopped Stick Company
P.O. Box 73203
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707 (USA)
907-488-7422 / FAX: 907-490-5981
web: http://www.akchopstick.com (Temporarily Down)

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