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Erik's Chopsticks Gallery

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Greetings from Boston, Massachusetts (USA) and welcome to my Chopsticks Gallery! My name is Erik Wegweiser, curator and host during your visit here. In real life, I'm a computer consultant and database designer. But among my hobbies is collecting chopsticks. These are often handmade, of unusual material or design, and represent various world cultures and artists. I have over 300 pair in my ever-growing collection. Incidentally, the answer to your question, "Why chopsticks?" is simple: They're not Pokemon, Beanie Babies, etc., and the mere fact that you can't buy them at the corner gas station along with prepaid phone cards or get them free with your hamburger is enough to make finding them half the fun.

This is generally a noncommercial site. With one exception (so far), none of the items shown are for sale here, but some are available for sale by other artists, manufacturers and retailers.

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I welcome visitors to browse and enjoy this site. I am working to include more informative and educational content about chopsticks and their use worldwide. Please do let me know of any such resources I could add to this site, or if you know of sources for unique new acquisitions to the collection gallery. Gladly accepting contributions and seeking active sponsors!

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Partially Updated 2004-02-02
Photos Last Added: 2001-01-28
It has been way too long since I have had the time to update these pages with the DOZENS of fabulous new acquisitions to the collection. However, you can still see the ENTIRE COLLECTION a searchable database! To search the database, CLICK HERE. I welcome your feedback regarding this searchable online database, and will attempt to make improvements based on guests' suggestions. THANK YOU!

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Erik's Chopsticks Gallery Entrees

(Acquisitions by Month)

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 January (26NEWItems!!!)
Updated 2001-01-28


November (10NEWItems)
Updated 2001-01-28

October (1NEWItem)
Updated 2001-01-28

August (9NEWItems)
Updated 2001-01-28

July (6NEWItems)
Updated 2001-01-28

May (7NEWItems)
Updated 2001-01-28

April (1 Item)

March (6 Items)

February (6 Items)


December (20 Items)
Updated 1999-12-26

November (3 Items)
Updated 1999-12-13

October (3 Items)
September (2 Items)
August (13 Items)
July (1 Item)
Updated 2000-01-02

June (6 Items)
Updated 2000-01-02
May (5 Items)
April (4 Items)
March (17 Items)
Updated 1999-09-08
February (8 Items)
January (1 Item)


December (18 Items)
Updated 1999-09-08
November (7 Items)
October (4+ Items)
September (33 Items)
August (1 Item)
June (7 Items)

February (3 Items)
January (2 Items)


September (6 Items)
Our Honeymoon in Hawaii & San Francisco

June (1 Item)

March (1 Item)


December (1 Item)
July (1 Item)


May (2 Items)


Misc. (19 Items)
Yet more chopsticks, not organized by month

Updated 1999-06-05
Waribashi Wrappers:
Decorative Paper Wrappers of
Disposable Chopsticks
(15 Items)

Hashi Oki:
Chopstick Rests (49 items)
Updated 2001-01-28

Not Chopsticks, but...
Helpful Tools for the
(10 items)
Updated 2000-01-02

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Updated 2000-01-02

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This is generally a noncommercial site. With one exception (so far), none of the items shown are for sale here,
but some are available for sale by these artists, manufacturers and retailers.

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